Kannur Airport – Transport

The transport creation is a parallel plan with the Kannur Airport construction. Several services and infrastructures are being consideres to be build around Kannur Airport.

Creating outside support services/ infrastructure facilities is considered to be as important as the development of the Airport itself. The greatest emphasis is being laid on the access roads. The plan is to take up and complete the supporting infrastructure by the time the airport is built. Road connections which are planned to be developed:
- Kannur-Mattannur
- Thalassery-Mattannur
- Payannur-Mattannur
- Karnataka border – Mattannur
- Mattannur- Anjarakkandi – Thalassery
- Wayanad – Mattannur
- Mahi – Muzhuppilangad
- Nadapuram – Thalassery road


A train connecting Thalassery with Mysore will facilitate a very comfortable and practical access to the Kannur Airport. Kannur Government is negociating with Kerala Government the future launching of the new “Kannur International Airport Railway Station”. 

Tourism and pilgrimage

Eco tourism and pilgrimage are a very important economic motor for the region. That’s why with the construction of the new Kannur International Airport eco tourism and pilgrimage travellers will be more closed destinations like Wayanad or Coorg.Even before the commencement of the construction of the airport several hotel chains have come up to explore the tourism potential of the region. 


Some traditional industries such as textile but also some modern ones like IT, will be established at Kannur International Airport. The construction of the Airport will make easier a better industrialization of the region, so the service offered to the passengers will be better. It is a win-win decision.

Auto Rickshaws

It is still not known if it will be possible to rent an autorickshaw at Kannur Airport, but if definetely it is a way of transport very used and common in India. It is a cheap and healthy way of travelling around without waiting and without depending on others.