Kannur Airport – Services

Even it is still not known which concrete services and facilities will Kannur Airport offer, the construction plan is including some wise decisions which will make for sure a better trip to Kannur to passengers.

Eco tourism

Eco tourism is a very important economic motor of Kannur and in general of Kerala region. The construction of the new Kannur International Airport will bring more facilities for the eco tourists who travel to the region, cause it will connect better destinations like Wayanad or Coorg.


The region of the state of Kerala is quite famous for its pilgrimage. Kannur, concretely, counts with emblematic shrines belonging to different religions, so passengers who are coming to Kannur to do pilgrimage will have better connections and their trip will be more practical and comfortable. The government is working in promoting better the pilgrimage.


Some traditional industries such as textile but also some other modern ones like IT field, will be established at Kannur International Airport. The construction of the Airport will make easier a better industrialization of the region, so the service offered to the passengers will be better.