Kannur Airport Guide to Kannur International Airport (CNN)

Kannur Airport (CNN)

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Kannur or also known as Cannanore district is very well connected with Bangalore, Mangalore and Cochin. 


The Kannur railway station is connecting Kannur with several cities and villages around all India. Some direct buses are planned to be opened to create a direct transfer between the Airport and Kannur city.

Terminal + info

Kannur Airport Terminal will have a capacity for 4,6 million passengers. The Terminal will be based in some buildings unifed in one, but the specific features are still to be anounced.

Flight Status

Check the status of your flight. Check Arrivals Flight Status or Departures Flight Status.

Contact Information Kannur Airport

See the airport in Google Maps
Kannur Airport email: enquiry@kannurairport.in
Kannur Airport telephone number:+91 471250866869 


The main objective is to promote region beaches, pilgrimage and health/eco tourism. Taking the good example of Cochin Airport (the world’s first self-sufficient airport which works with solar energy), the project will integrate a solar power system, so to be in a long therm, self-sufficient. It is also estimated that a 13% or Kannur population is employed thanks to the Kannur International Airport plan, the 4th international Airport in the state of Kerala.

Transport + info

There are 25 km between Kannur International Airport and Kannur city centre. It will be very practical to rent a car or to grab a taxi to drive around freely, the highway roads facilitate an easy way connecting the Airport with the city.

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Must-see Attractions

Muzhappilangad is the drive-in beach in the north of Kerala state. The sea is shallow and the beach is wide so it is ideal to go for a ride during the sunset or the sunrise, skimming the waves. After the salty sea water ride don’t forget to wash a bit your car to put away all the salt. The Fort St Angelo is ideal for a short relaxing walk. You will enjoy a very romantic moment with the sea waves crashing on the rocks of the fort and with wonderful views. 

If you are an ecotourism lover, then you have to go to Paithalmala natural park. Specially if you like trekking, walking through the wild forest is an exciting experience for the nature’s lovers. The views at Paithalmala are amazing. Rajarajeshwara temple is also a must-see attraction near Kannur (about 1 hour driving). It is a very ancient Shiva temple with traditional Hindu architecture. Entrance costs around 5 rupees.

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